World Business Quiz 2020 - Biggest Business and Financial Events of the Year

Dec 30, 2020 6:05 PM 5 min play

Global economy received a never-before-seen setback in 2020 when growth machines steaming ahead in full propulsion were hamstrung by a global pandemic!

However, as effects of the economic lockdowns began to recede, the machines managed to pick up pace very soon and pulled the economy out of the abyss in spectacular fashion.

Let's see if you have been paying enough attention to some of the remarkable events witnessed in business, finance, tech and other sectors this year.

Take the quiz to find out!

Here's what awaits you in this year-round wrap-up quiz entailing the top financial news stories of 2020:

  1. What were the effects when OPEC+ announced historic cuts in oil production?
  2. Which 109-year-old company spun off its Global Technology Services (GTS) wing into a new publicly-held company?
  3. What kind of injunctive relief are FTC and 48 states in the US are seeking in their antitrust lawsuits against Facebook?
  4. Which company sued the Pentagon for allegedly favouring Microsoft over itself in awarding a defence services contract?
  5. How far did the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall over the last week of February?
  6. Which company is called the Nasdaq Whale. How did it make waves in the markets this year?
  7. The US Department of Justice branded which company as "a monopoly gatekeeper"?
  8. 2020 witnessed something called the "distribution renaissance" in the tech world. What does it mean and who did it involve?
  9. Which were the biggest IPOs this year?
  10. What all-time high value did Bitcoin touch this year?


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