World Business & Economy Trivia 2021

Jul 1, 2021 8:13 AM 5 min play

As 2021 approaches its mid, the world economy witnesses a significant momentum as well.

Have you been missing out on catching this momentum?

Worry not! We have got you covered as we bring you this quiz on all major developments concerning business and economy over the pst weeks.

So what are you waiting for?! 

Quiz away!

Here's a teaser on what you may find ahead:

  1. Vodafone has partnered with which company to automate its networks in support of 4G and 5G use cases?
  2. Which Japanese company recently sold its entire stake in the battery-making joint venture it had with Tesla
  3. El Salvador is offering starter accounts to its citizens with how much free Bitcoin to promote its use?
  4. The inflation rate rose to 6.2% in the USm highest in how many years?
  5. Which industrialist was named the "biggest philanthropist of the 20th Century" recently?
  6. Name the Chinese fishing company whose exports were banned by US for alleged abuses of forced labour too. 
  7. Which African country may see a possible reversal of its cryptocurrency ban?
  8. Has China recently replaced EU as India's biggest export partner?
  9. The Japanese bank Nomura has predicted which major countries to witness financial crises in the next three years?
  10. Which hotel has been rated as the most valuable hotel brand in the world? 

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