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8 Best Work from Home Tips

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Apr 6, 2020 6:46 AM 2 min read

The coronavirus pandemic has upended our work lives. Nearly all of us are now working from home, quarantined in our rooms far away from our offices and co-workers.


Work from home can be a challenge for both employers and employees, and it may not be your cup of tea. But these days, it’s a compulsion. So we might as well embrace it, learn the best 8 tips and try to be at our efficient best while at it!


Here are the 8 best tips to ensure that your productivity is maximum while we work from home:

  1. Create a morning routine. We no longer have to take the morning commute to work. But this doesn’t mean we should spring out of our beds onto our laptops. Do some exercise, read the newspaper or listen to a podcast – set some pre-work time aside each day.
  2. Demarcate a workspace. A perk of work from home is that you can work from anywhere in your home. But to ensure that you’re working seriously and dedicatedly, let your mind know that when you’re at a particular place in your room or home, you’re only going to do work there – let it be your home office!
  3. Have a plan. Keep daily To Do lists and follow them throughout the day.
  4. Follow work hours. Maintain the 9-to-5 grind even at home as much as possible so that you finish as many tasks as possible on time. This will give you the discipline needed to execute your work.
  5. Get dressed. Some of us may not “feel” like working in pajamas or boxers.You need not don your suit or put on your shoes. But setting aside “work clothes” can help you get into the work groove.
  6. Keep your team updated. Remote working need not mean poor communication between coworkers or between management and employees. Always be online on messaging apps and let your team know what you’re working on.
  7. Take small breaks. Usually, we take a few breaks throughout the work day. This may be for coffee, a chat with coworkers, eating something or for inspiration. Maintain this regime while you do work from home too. It will ease your mind and help you concentrate on work better.
  8. Make an end-of-day routine. Just like you should have a pre-work routine, make a post-work one. This can be taking a quiz, exercising, reading a book or making the next day’s To Do list.


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