Who Will Replace Yes Bank on Nifty, Which SBI Unit will Launch its IPO, Which Telco Owes the Most AGR Dues?

Feb 26, 2020 8:04 AM 3 min play

The second month of the first year of the second decade of the 21st century is almost over, and boy do we have a lot of Business and Finance news to go through! Yes Bank's ouster from the Nifty 50, SBI announcing the IPO of its credit card unit, the telco turmoil over unpaid AGR dues, Amazon and Flipkart fighting for a stay on the Competition Commission's probe into their practices - there's a lot to sift through. Not to mention Donald Trump's first visit to India as US President!


Want to test your knowledge of the top Business and Finance news stories of the past week? Take the latest Quiz Knock! Here's what awaits you:


1)    Which company will replace Yes Bank on the Nifty 50?

2)    SBI's credit card unit ________ will open its IPO next month.

3)    As per the minutes of the February 4th-6th RBI meeting, all six members of the Monetary Policy Committee were in favour of which of the following?

4)    At $7.4bn, which telecom company owes the Government the most amount of money in AGR dues?

5)    Amazon and Flipkart recently approached the High Court of which Indian state to stay the Competition Commission of India's probe into the ecommerce firms' alleged predatory practices?

6)    Donald Trump recently concluded his first visit to India as US President. In which stadium in Ahmedabad did he hold a joint rally with Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

7)    "Big Tech" is usually used to refer to the Big Five tech companies. Which of these is NOT among the Big Five?

8)    Which of the following payment services is prototyping a debit card only for teenagers?

9)    The Tamil word "emden" and Malayalam word "yamandan" mean something huge, powerful, strict or authoritative. They come from the word "Emden", which was what?

10)    The Inland Customs Line or the Great Hedge was a 1,100-miles-long wall built in the 19th century to prevent smuggling and collect taxes. Today, this Line has more or less disappeared off the map. In which country was this great wall built?


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