Who is the Largest iPhone Manufacturer, What is CRR, Who Does Jeff Bezos Want Questioned?

Feb 12, 2020 9:16 AM 3 min play

Coronavirus, iPhone manufacturing, RBI's CRR, Jeff Bezos's Amazon-Microsoft-Pentagon controversy, and the Sprint telecom merger with T-Mobile - these are some topics that dominated the world of Business and Finance the past week - to say nothing of many funding rounds by notable startups.


Basically, as usual, there are more than enough topics for another week's Quiz, some "eclectic" questions added to the mix to spice things up!


Here's a teaser:

1)    Which is the world's largest contract manufacturer of iPhones?

2)    Indians on average spend more than two hours on the road each day, travelling to work. Among major cities, which city's office commutes are the shortest?

3)    The RBI recently announced that banks would not be required to maintain CRR for five years on their deposits for an amount equivalent to loans given to MSMEs, housing and vehicles sectors. What does CRR stand for?

4)    Which cafe chain startup has raised $21.5m in a mix of equity and debt funding round led by Silicon Valley-based Think Investments?

5)    Which sports shoe caused an uproar in the last few weeks over claims that it offers its users unfair advantage by improving energy efficiency by at least 4%?

6)    In a controversy involving Amazon, the US Pentagon and Microsoft, who has Jeff Bezos sought to depose in a court case?

7)    The share price of US wireless carrier Sprint soared more than 60% recently after a report said that a US District judge is expected to rule in favour of its merger with X. Identify X.

8)    Which Nobel Prize was the last one to be established?

9)    China has enacted the largest quarantine in human history to contain the coronavirus outbreak. The word "quarantine" is derived from the Italian word for _____.

10)    Which animal inspired the shape of the engines of Japanese bullet trains?


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