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Which Country has Pledged a $2trn Coronavirus Aid Package, Which is the Other Pandemic in the World?

Mar 25, 2020 8:37 AM 3 min play

How's everyone holding up working from home in this seemingly endless quarantine? Bored? Exasperated? Fed up? Claustrophobic? Can't wait for all of this to end? Here's one opportunity to leave the confines of your house (at least in spirit) and tour the world of Business and Finance through this week's Quiz Knock!


This week, we tackle a lot of topics. From what's been happening in the exciting world of delivery startups and Tata Sons to what the RBI and Texas Railroad Commission have been up to. And of course, updates related to the elephant outside everyone's rooms - the coronavirus.


Here's what awaits you:


1)    Online grocery delivery startup BigBasket has acquired 100% stake in Bengaluru-based milk delivery app _______.

2)    Which of these statements is true regarding the recent probe into whistleblower allegations of questionable practices against Infosys?

3)    Tata Sons CEO _______ has bought shares worth ₹6cr ($0.7m) of Tata Group companies, including Tata Communications, Tata Chemicals and Tata Investment Corporation.

4)    The RBI has extended a credit line of ₹60,000cr ($8,070m) to _______  as it resumed full-service operations last Wednesday.

5)    Which of these companies is reportedly in talks with e-grocers Grofers and BigBasket to sell food products and essentials on its platform by facilitating their deliveries?

6)    The coronavirus isn't the only pandemic the world is struggling through right now. Which is the other pandemic still active across the globe?

7)    _____ province in China, where the coronavirus first emerged, saw lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted this week.

8)    Which country has pledged a $2trn coronavirus aid package to support its economy?

9)    In 1986, Apple launched a clothing line called:

10)    The Texas Railroad Commission, which was in the news recently, regulates _______.


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