Which Companies are Developing Coronavirus Tracing Technology, Which Countries are Not Under Lockdown?

Apr 15, 2020 6:35 AM 3 min play

More than three weeks of lockdown, but that doesn't mean the world of Business and Finance is numb! From HDFC revealing an interesting stakeholder to tech giants partnering to beat the coronavirus pandemic, there's a lot to sift through for this week's Quiz Knock.


Also, did you know about the sports tournament that had the foresight to pay for a "pandemic insurance" all these years? Or the country from where Nestle's Maggi is from? Or the man who has the distinction of losing the most amount of money in history? Or the country that almost derailed the most extensive oil production cuts in world history?


You better know all this if you want to ace the new Quiz Knock! (But if you don't, you're about to learn some pretty intriguing trivia!)


Here's what awaits you:

1)    China's central bank was recently revealed to have picked up a 1% stake in HDFC. What is the name of China's central bank?

2)    Which two tech giants have teamed up to develop contact-tracing technology that can help individuals determine if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19?

3)    As of April 15th 2020, which of these countries is NOT under a nationwide lockdown?

4)    Investments into what kind of mutual funds jumped by $1.5bn to the highest level in a year?          

5)    Estimates by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy suggest overall unemployment rate in India has risen to almost _____.

6)    Which sports tournament reportedly paid for a "pandemic insurance" for the last 17 years, resulting in a $141m compensation this year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

7)    The CEO of which company has the distinction of losing the most money in history?

8)    _______ has sued SoftBank Group after the latter terminated a $3bn tender offer for additional shares due to 'pending criminal and civil investigations' surrounding the company and its co-founder Adam Neumann.

9)    India is the biggest market for Maggi noodles, which is also Nestle India’s single-largest revenue earner. Nestle and Maggi are brands from which country?

10)    Oil producing nations led by Saudi Arabia and Russia recently signed a historic deal that will see production slashed by the highest amount ever. The deal was almost derailed last week because of country X, which threatened to veto it because it wanted bigger nations to make bigger cuts. Identify X.


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