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WhatsApp Rolls-out Self-Destructing 'Delete Message' Feature in Latest Android Beta Version, Twitter to Delete Inactive Accounts

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Nov 27, 2019 11:28 AM 2 min read

WhatsApp rolls-out self-destructing message feature. Twitter to delete inactive accounts. 



WhatsApp rolls-out self-destructing 'Delete Message' feature in latest android beta version.

WhatsApp-ening?: Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp, is gradually rolling out destructing message feature for its Android Beta version.


Disappearing Act: The update will automatically delete a message after a particular period of time as set by the user. Unlike the 'Delete for Everyone' feature that already exists in the popular messaging app, this feature will automatically delete or in fact make the messages "disappear" in a way that it would seem like the message never existed.


Reportedly, WhatsApp has renamed the feature's name from 'Disappearing Messages' to 'Delete Messages' before the official roll out. It will be initially available for group chats and can be enabled by the group's administrators. Once enabled, the feature can be toggled in Contact Info or Group Settings. Livemint

Twitter to delete inactive accounts.

Back From the Dead?: Social-media platform Twitter has always encouraged users to log in and tweet every six month. Now it’s taking the added measure of reaching out to inactive users, prompting them to log in prior to December 11, or risk being deleted. 


A large scale removal of inactive accounts would mean that usernames, previously unavailable, may start coming up for grabs. TechCrunch


Brownie Points: "Once Silicon Valley’s highest-flying darlings, companies from WeWork to Uber have collectively lost about $100bn in value this year". As investors grow more cautious about spending, startup executives have been prompted to talk up profitability over growth. Read more here.


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