Public, media, and government outrage against Private Indian hospitals facing allegations of medical negligence and over-billing (Fortis, Max, BLK et al) reached another crescendo in 2017. Within this backdrop, we decided to invite Dr. Auras Atreya, an Indian US-based Cardiologist for a conversation and to gain an ‘internal-external’ view of the ongoing crisis. 


Taking parallels from the American system, Dr. Atreya gives his perspective on all that is wrong with Indian Healthcare, and how to fix it. He caveats that the US healthcare and health insurance model is far from perfect but offers useful lessons worthy of being cherry-picked. He also forewarns of some traps to avoid.


Policymakers along with the medical community, need to overhaul the broken system and evolve India's own unique model which suits the requirements of our citizens in the best possible and equitable manner.