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Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, WeWork: 2019, The Year of IPO Disappointment

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Dec 31, 2019 1:24 PM 1 min read

Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, WeWork - 2019 was the year of IPO disappointment. 



2019 was the year of IPO disappointment.

Initial Public Disappointment: Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, WeWork - 2019 was the year of IPO disappointment. Some IPOs were derailed even before they could be launched while the ones that were launched are trading below their private valuations and pre-IPO expectations of what they might have been priced at. This year's IPO fiascos have also eclipsed investors' expectations from 2020.


"Going forward, underwriters and other advisers expect investors to remain discerning and wary of money-losing companies. They expect some of those companies to spend 2020 retooling their balance sheets with a greater focus on profits." WSJ


Graphic Detail: If a picture tells a thousand words, an infographic tells a million. As we wind up this year, here's a list of the 19 top infographics by Visual Capitalist.


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