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Transfin. Podcast E19: Stopgap, Upsell, Mimic

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Jan 24, 2019 12:02 PM 1 min read


We like to talk Business and Finance. Figured we should do it for a living.
While looking forward to the Republic Day weekend, we throw our take on:
The Interim Budget, and its Scope
With General Elections due in June, this year's budget will be demarcated as an Interim Budget - significant for the outgoing  government as it lays down the roadmap for the next few months. We discuss the popular expectations from the document to be presented on the 1st of February. 

What Ola can bring to Lending?


Ola has been pretty aggressive in looking for its next leg of growth. Taking stock of the huge consumer grab on its platform, the ride-hailing firm is now seeking to push beyond food and pharma delivery. In this light, it recently applied for an NBFC licence. Additionally, the platform also plans to expand its short-term credit service, launch a credit card in partnership with a bank and sell insurance to its driver-partners as well as riders. What does Ola's foray into the payements ecosystem mean for the likes of Airtel Money and Paytm. 


John Bogle is Gone...but Index Funds will stay  


John Bogle was dubbed as the father of Index Funds. We discuss how an Index Fund is different from a Mutual Fund and how they can be a cheaper alternative for retail investors. 


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