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In Conversation with a Doctor: Nutrition, Exercise, Health Tips

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Dec 21, 2018 3:53 AM 2 min read


Welcome to the Season Finale! To make this one really special - today we have a guest to speak on:

The Bare-Bones (slurrp!) of Good Nutrition


Why do we crave fats? Why do we regain the lost weight? Is veganism the way to go? How healthy is red meat?


Today we talk about the basics of nutrition, discussing how the moderate consumption of any nutrient is the most optimum and how to engineer a 'balanced diet'.


Fitness 101


We move on to discuss exercise and fitness. What have we gotten wrong about fitness and exercise? Where do we begin from? What are some cost-effective alternatives to the gym? How do we think of diet and exercise in parallel? 


What's Wrong with India's Healthcare?


Lancet, an acclaimed medical journal recently spoke of the rising risk of physical violence on doctors. We talk about how and why a reputed profession has come under attack in the recent past.

In Conversation with Dr Arun K Chopra, Director Cardiology, Fortis Amritsar. 
Dr Chopra is a DM Cardiology from AIIMS where he also served as an Associate Professor. He's a Fellow of many respected International Medical Bodies as well as a regular contributor to reputed Medical Journals.
He's a passionate student and practitioner of nutrition and fitness, having lost over 100kg of weight in his lifetime, while developing an almost encyclopediac knowledge on the subject on the way. He also writes a weekly column by the name of Ship Shape on Transfin. 
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