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Transfin. Podcast E15: RBI Shake-out, Silicon Wars, Brexit 2.0

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Dec 13, 2018 11:53 AM 2 min read


We like to talk Business and Finance. Figured we should do it for a living.


What a week! News flow reached its zenith with drama unfolding through RBI, Elections, Mallya et al. But we focus on:


What's Next for India's Central Bank?


Monday evening we saw the resignation of RBI Governor Urjit Patel. Without much delay, Shaktikanta Das dubbed an "economic bureaucrat" took charge. We discuss how the appointment of a bureaucrat, and not a technocract at the helm of the Central Bank may play itself out, especially with the much-awaited RBI Board meeting scheduled for tomorrow.  


Is the Huawei Arrest Only About US Sanctions?


Canada last week arrested Meng Wanzhou, CFO of the Chinese telecom company Huawei. Meng is accused of helping the telecom company circumvent US sanctions on Iran by positioning a Huawei subsidiary as a separate company. However, it is widely believed that the arrest was made on directions from the United States. We try to understand the noise around the company as the narrative unfolds. 


Is Referendum Number 2 the Answer to Brexit?


Sensing a growing dissent on the Brexit Agreement, Theresa May pulled off the voting by the British Parliament due last Tuesday. Consequently, there was a lot of mayhem in the Parliament, resulting in a no confidence motion being raised against May. Now while May has crossed the no-confidence hurdle, there is a chance that Britain may seek another Referendum to bring a conclusion to the Brexit deal.


Bonus: Don't forget to tune in next week for our Season Finale where we bring a Special Guest!
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