The Paytm Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Paytm?

Oct 8, 2020 10:56 AM 5 min play

"ATM Nahin, Paytm Karo!" is a phrase that has become synonymous with India's aim of becoming a cashless economy.

10 years ago, there was hardly any digital money in circulation. Today we find ourselves making online transactions even in little beetle shops!

This is largely due to companies like Paytm, which made online payment systems commonplace and ubiquitous.

And Paytm's growth in itself has been immense and full of interesting facts.

Let’s see how much you know about this platform that we use everyday. "Quiz karo"!

Here’s a preview of what awaits you:

  1. In 2018, Paypal sued Paytm alleging the latter of violating which trademark feature?
  2. Which American investment firm invested $300m in Paytm in August 2018?
  3. In January 2018, Paytm acquired X, a supply-chain management startup, with the intention to provide logistics services in Tier III and Tier IV cities, where big players like DHL and Blue Dart are absent. Identify X.
  4. Let's raise the "stakes", shall we? X is a prominent Chinese ecommerce company. Y is an affiliate of X. Y owns about 30% stake in Paytm. X, in its draft IPO prospectus, recently said that it has "significant influence" over Paytm, drawing industry-wide concerns towards the company for being pro-Chinese in the middle of an ongoing border hostility with China. Identify X & Y.

  5. Shortly after Google delisted Paytm from the Play Store temporarily last month, a group of startups began advocating for a parallel Indian app store to challenge Google's "digital monopoly". Who is NOT a part of this group yet?

  6. Which coffee chain partnered with Paytm earlier this year to provide contactless dining solutions through Paytm's digital ordering feature across 180 stores in India?

  7. Which Indian business tycoon personally invested in Paytm's parent company as early as 2014?

  8. Which news agency, in 2018, released a video in which Paytm’s Vice-President was allegedly reported as saying the company shared personal data of users in the then state of Jammu & Kashmir?

  9. The following four payment apps rank in decreasing order of market share (%), when it comes to UPI transactions. Fill in the gaps with the correct combination from the options.
    I. ________ (41%),
    II. ________ (35%),
    III. ________ (13%),
    IV. AmazonPay (6%)


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