The IM Quiz - How Much Do You Know About These Popular Instant Messaging Apps?

Jan 13, 2021 1:24 PM 5 min play

Instant Messaging has become an integral tool of modern communication. 

Our intricate dependence on them sometimes compels overarching subscription to their registration criteria and even serious compromise of privacy rights, among others!

Let's see how much you know about these apps that have become so commonplace with the smartphone reality of the 21st Century.

Quiz on to find out!

But before that, here's a preview of what to expect!

  1. Which 8-bit home computer introduced in 1982 launched an internet connection service called Q-Link to fasten IM services, which was later renamed as AOL (America Online) in the 1990s?
  2. Which IM providers were included as Reuters Messaging counterparts for inter-IM connectivity in one of the first attempts to create a unified IM standard? 
  3. In 2019, faced with serious controversy, Telegram suspended 78 accounts related to which organisation?
  4. In which countries did Signal employ "domain fronting"
  5. Signal and Telegram are both structured as non-profit organizations to develop open-source privacy technology enabling free expression and secure global communication. True or False?
  6. Which regulatory body slammed Facebook with a €110m fine in 2017 for "falsely claiming" that it was impossible to combine user information from both Facebook and WhatsApp?
  7. Which IM app scored zero out of 100 in an Amnesty International Report which ranked technology companies on the way they implement encryption to protect the human rights of their users?
  8. Yahoo! Messenger was one of the dominant IM services in the early 2000s. It was rechristened into a new service in 2018, called ________, only to be discontinued again completely a year later.
  9. In 2018, Facebook Messenger won an action brought by he US Department of Justice in California. The company was charged with contempt of court on what grounds?
  10. Which IM app was described by Mark Zuckerberg as the biggest competitor to Facebook and its family of apps?


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