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Amazon Leases New 335,000sq ft Office in Manhattan

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Dec 13, 2019 5:52 AM 1 min read

Amazon leases new 335,000sq ft office in Manhattan, after ditching plan for a second HQ in New York. 



After ditching plan for a second HQ in New York, Amazon leases new 335,000sq ft office in Manhattan.

Going Places: Less than a year after Amazon ditched a plan to create a second head office in New York City, the ecommerce giant has signed a new lease for 335,000 square feet on Manhattan’s west side in the new Hudson Yards neighborhood where it will have more than 1,500 employees.


FYI: Amazon's plan for a second headquarter was scrapped by the company after local activists and politicians, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, strongly objected to plans by the city and New York State to grant Amazon some $3bn in tax breaks and other financial incentives.


The news comes on the heels of reports that Facebook is in talks to lease 700,000 square feet in a neighborhood nearby. WSJ


In Other News: The Trump administration is reportedly considering putting some of Inc’s overseas websites on a list of global marketplaces known for counterfeit goods. 


The action would be taken by the US Trade Representative’s Office, which publishes an annual list of “Notorious Markets” that identifies online and physical marketplaces believed to sell or facilitate the sale of counterfeit goods and pirated content. Reuters


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