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Age of Startups, NPA Cleanup, Forest Checkup, Space DJ Setup

Jan 1, 2020 10:37 AM 3 min play

Phew, what a week! From Twitter having a ball at "Ghosn oriented wordplays" (Go Ghosn Gone, Ghosn with the Wind etc.) to Trump ending Christmas with air strikes against Iran. The New Year has brought a lump sum dose of geopolitical event-fullness extrapolating into changed macroeconomic realities. Plenty as always active on the domestic front as well. Translation, there was no dearth of material for the year's first Quiz Knock.


Here's a teaser:

1) Paul Davis was the second employee hired by founder X to work for company Y back in 1994. Today, he is a proponent of breaking up Y. Identify X and Y.

2) It's the Age of Startups and Entrepreneurship! Which of these are products and services that you can rent online?

3) Which two rival companies recently teamed up to fight California's gig economy law?

4) #Guesstimate: How much of India's landmass is covered with trees and forests?

5) Look closely at this graph. It shows the quarterly operating income of a certain company for the last 10 years. Which company is it?

6) Which telecom company introduced a Voluntary Retirement Scheme for its employees in November 2019?

7) Which renewable energy firm recently headed to bankruptcy courts after failing to come up with a debt recast plan?

8) In its recent Financial Stability Report, the RBI said that gross NPAs are likely to:

9) Why is this building world-famous?

10) Which was the first song broadcast from space?