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Rise of OTT Platforms in India: How Much Do Streaming Services Cost in 2020 Across the World?

Aug 27, 2020 10:14 AM 2 min read

46% viewers are watching more content online, according to a survey conducted by mobile marketing platform InMobi in April.

Another consumer survey conducted by Hammerkopf has found that OTT consumption primetime has moved to 7pm onwards vs 10 pm-12am before.

Moreover, as per experts, viewership on these platforms could grow further in the coming days, as television channels run out of content. “As these channels have been unable to shoot due to the lockdown, they are running old content. In such a scenario, people will gravitate towards OTT to watch fresh content,” says Paritosh Joshi, Media Consultant and Principal, Provocateur Advisory.

And the shift is already palpable. 

ZEE5, has registered a significant 80% rise in subscription numbers. Alt Balaji has had an average of 17,000 new subscribers each day in lockdown - 60% increase from the average of 10,600 per day in March prior to the lockdown. 

While the bigger players such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have not revealed the exact figures, the fact that several big ticket films are now bypassing the traditional theatrical release and opting for OTT release, is proof enough of the rise in their respective subscription bases. 


The Best Things in Life Don’t Come Cheap’s true. And we chanced upon some data that corroborates this fact.

As per a research conducted by personal finance site, which analysed the cost of streaming services in 13 countries by looking at the average cost of Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime, India is the least affordable country to subscribe to streaming services.  

In fact, the average cost of a streaming service in India accounts for 2.77% of the average monthly income - a far cry from all the other countries included in the research, where the cost makes up less than 0.50% of the monthly income.

Here’s a look at how India stacks up against other countries. 


The gap is evident.

Interestingly, however, India has the least average monthly cost across the three streaming platforms.


Now while streaming services in India might not have a flattering library size to begin with, the research reveals they actually provide some of the best value for your buck, considering the average cost per title. 

The average cost per title in India is estimated at around $0.0010. For some context, Canada, Australia, UK, and UK have the cheapest cost per title at $0.0008. 

Netherlands ($0.0032), Switzerland ($0.0030), France ($0.0026), Spain ($0.0024), Germany ($0.0023) and Italy ($0.0022) have some of the highest average cost per title.

But with streaming giants such as Netflix introducing cheaper entry-level subscription plans for its Indian users, launching a Hindi interface to further the platform’s appeal in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and adding more and more India-focussed and regional content, is it such a bad deal after all?


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