Quiz: What's that Tagline?!

Editorial and Content Intern, TRANSFIN
Mar 3, 2021 11:08 AM 3 min play

A company's tagline is its mantra - its business identity.

Can you identify these companies from their taglines...or these taglines from their companies?

Let's find out! Here's a preview of what awaits you:

  1. "Sabse Tez" - this tagline belongs to which brand?
  2. "The difference lies in our DNA" is the tagline of a well-known biopharmaceuticals company. It operates in the realm of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients. It also has one of the largest portfolios with 28 biosimilars. Which company are we talking about?
  3. Which is the current tagline of Amul?
  4. Nike's tagline "Just do it" is an iconic one. It defines sports brand's identity. But the origins of the tagline by Dan Wieden are rather unusual. How did he get the idea for this tagline?
  5. This company touts individuality with its marketing campaign with the slogan "Go solo", meant to appeal to youngsters who do not conform. Which company are we talking about?
  6. "A little quirk is all we need" is the tagline of which lifestyle platform?
  7. Let's hope you haven't forgotten the hospitality industry during the lockdown! MakeMyTrip released an ad campaign featuring actors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in various avatars. What was the tagline used?
  8. Some taglines have a way of sticking with consumers. Maybelline's used to be one of them before it was changed. But do you remember the previous tagline? Fill in the blank: "________. Maybe it's Maybelline."
  9. Coca Cola has undergone so many tagline changes that it's difficult to keep up. Which of the following has never been Coca Cola's tagline?
  10. It's time to spill the tea! What is Red Label's tagline?


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