Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Farmer Protests Against the Farm Laws in India?

Dec 10, 2020 11:59 AM 3 min play

Farmer opposition against the recently-passed farm bills has intensified lately.

More than 300,000 farmers have marched towards New Delhi on tractors, motorcycles and foot to protest the laws. Having been stopped at the Delhi-Haryana border, where many are presently camped in makeshift tents, they have refused to retreat notwithstanding a crackdown from the authorities through water cannons, lathi charges, tear gas, and what not.

With talks with the Government reaching a deadlock, the protests may intensify further across the country.

Considering that the farmer protests are the biggest news story today, have you been following the developments closely enough? How about a Quiz to test your mettle?

Here's what awaits you:

  1. Safeguarding the Minimum Support Price (MSP) system is the central demand of the protesting farmers. What exactly is MSP?
  2. One of the arguments made by opponents of the farm laws is that they are in a legally grey area. Which premise questions the laws' legality?
  3. One of the arguments made by the supporters of the farm laws is that the MSP system has led to excess reserves of food produce. As of September 2020, the Government recorded 700.27 lakh tonnes of rice and wheat - about _____ higher than the reserve requirement.
  4. Farmers' unions called for a "Bharat Bandh" on December 8th. X is a pan-Indian umbrella organisation comprising 250 farmers' groups. It is at the forefront of the protests. Identify X.
  5. The mandis or markets where farmers sell their produce are usually designated by the local APMC. What does APMC stand for?
  6. Protests against the farm laws are particularly fierce in Punjab and Haryana. This is mainly because the farmers here are more reliant on Government procurement and thus are more invested in the MSP regime. Moreover, the arhatiya system is strong and entrenched here. Who are arhatiyas?
  7. Fill in the blank: One of the farm laws permits _______, which is when farmers enter into direct deals with those who wish to buy farm produce, doing away with the middlemen altogether.
  8. Yes or No? One of the demands of the protesting farmers is "removal of punishment and fine for stubble burning".
  9. Which Padma Shri and Arjuna awardee sportsperson announced that they would return their award as a mark of solidarity with the farmers?
  10. Before the farm laws were passed, who were exclusively eligible to purchase crops from farmers?


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