Quiz - All About Business and Finance 2021

Jul 14, 2021 7:36 AM 5 min play

We are back... With a new Quiz!

So much is going on with hardly any of our tap on the pulses of business and finance-related events around the world. 

Worry not for we bring you the choicest among the latest events all bundled into a nice little quiz.

So hurry up and quiz away!

But before that, take a sneak peek into what holds in store...

  1. Which FMCG company that has set up "in-store vending machines" to reduce plastic use? 
  2. Which Indian company has announced a ₹3L ($4086) "bug bounty" recently?
  3. Which members of the OPEC+ coalition are currently involved in a critical disagreement over global oil production targets?
  4. Which company is currently India's largest solar power producer?
  5. In which city did Amazon launch its first "Digital Kendra" in India? 
  6. Which country's advertising regulatory body has classified crypto ads as a "red alert"?
  7. What is the proposed rate of "global minimum tax"on corporates as of now?
  8. Why did Tata Motors shares tank recently?
  9. Which department was recently merged with the Ministry of Finance?
  10. Which countries have objected to India's frequent ban on onion export at the WTO?

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