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Post Pandemic Global Markets and A Strategy for Email Newsletters by Abhijeet Awasthi from FirstRand

Co-Founder & Head of Business, Transfin.
Sep 8, 2020 4:06 AM 1 min read


Abhijeet Awasthi's LinkedIn page describes him as a Corporate Dealer (FX & Interest Rates) at FirstRand Bank...but it is his ability to write great emails that got us in touch.

He sends a fascinating email to his clients each morning, with commentary and his take on significant happenings affecting world markets. Wanting to put a differentiated spin to this rather tedious morning ritual, he took an unconventional approach when it came to structuring and positioning his content. Over time, the humble emailer helped him engage with his clients more effectively plus gain additional business. he puts it.

In an age of information overload and content clutter, we catch up with him to understand his philosophy when it comes to financial writing...on the way making expected segues to learn his views on post pandemic market trends playing in India and the United States.

Before you plan to kick off your next email or content marketing project, listen in to catch some pearls.

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