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Musings on Low Interest Rates and Skewed Asset Prices with Colin Lloyd of In the Long Run

Founder and CEO, Transfin.
Oct 27, 2020 10:42 AM 1 min read


Central banks have been at the forefront of the national responses to the coronavirus recession. This week, we delve into the different approaches and philosophies at play.

It has been nearly ten years of printing money and near-zero interest rates in most developed markets. Thanks to COVID, the phenomenon is now spreading to the emerging world as well. What was envisaged to be an emergency maneuver has now become the status quo.

How has this central bank approach worked? Where did it come short? How should one think about the side effects of Quantitative Easing on the world economy?

We chat with Colin Lloyd, a markets veteran (plus writer behind In the Long Run, a Top 100 Economics Blog) as he reflects upon difficult questions around rising debt build up and frothy asset prices over the last decade.

On the way we also touch upon his take around COVID responses (across countries) and the big macro trends and questions facing us.


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