You can now subscribe to Transfin.’s WhatsApp Feed to receive succinct daily News updates and insights straight to your mobile.


How Many Messages Per Day?

We will try to limit ourselves to 2-3 messages per day comprising 1 daily End of Day News update and 1-2 handpicked feature articles. User experience is central to our mission here at Transfin. We will never subject our subscribers to an over bombardment of content.


How do I Subscribe?

You can click this link. Otherwise look out for the WhatsApp button on the Navigation bar of the website to subscribe anytime.

Once you’ve clicked the link, follow the steps as shown below.



Can I invite other people in my network to Transfin.?

Of course! Once you’ve subscribed, you can invite other people by typing and sending REFER in your WhatsApp feed.


Can I share details on social media?

We would love that! Feel free to click this link to share.