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Looking Into India's Animation Industry with Milind D. Shinde of 88 Pictures

Co-Founder & Head of Business, Transfin.
Sep 15, 2021 11:29 AM 1 min read

We are back with a brand new episode and our guest today is Milind D. Shinde, the founder and CEO of 88 Pictures - the studio behind great animated shows such as Troll Hunters Trilogy and Fast & Furious.

We discuss all things animation as Milind (formerly at DreamWorks) offers his insights on the global value chain and where homegrown companies such as 88 Pictures can fit.

A big proponent of merging India-based content with Western style of storytelling and visualisation, Milind takes us on a fascinating practitioner's journey through an industry that is fast-evolving with newer ways of content creation and consumption day-by-day. 

Listen in for an insightful explainer on the dynamics of the industry along with the people and technology supporting it. 


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