Latest Business Trivia Quiz 2021

Sep 23, 2021 8:00 AM 5 min play

Here's a brand new quiz for you containing all facts business. 

Let's see how updates you are with the recent developments circling the world of business, finance, economy, etc.

Take a sneak peek into the questions before you dive in!

  1. Which is NOT one among the eight public sector banks that own shares in NARCL?
  2. Name the Indian edtech company which recently acquired a US-based kids coding platform?
  3. The Indian stock market recently overtook which country to become the world's sixth-biggest in terms of market capitalisation?
  4. Which company recently commissioned India's largest floating solar plant in Andhra Pradesh?
  5. Which IT company entered the $200bn m-cap club in India?
  6. Which of the following countries is NOT a part of the CPTPP trade alliance
  7. Shortage of which commodity exported from India led to the price of organic eggs in the US soaring recently?
  8. Which entities have submitted their bids in the Air India disinvestment call?
  9. A blockchain-based music-streaming platform called Audius raised $5m in a funding round led by which famous musicians?
  10. Walmart, one of the largest companies in US, was reported to have begun accepting payments in _______, a cryptocurrency. The report was later dismissed by Walmart.

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