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Latest Business and Finance Trivia Quiz 2021

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It's been a while since we had our weekly Quiz on all things Business and Finance. Well, the wait is over! How well have you followed major news developments in recent weeks? Well enough? Why don't you find out, then!

Here's a preview:

  1. The Amazon-Future-Reliance saga witnessed significant developments over the past week. In which company's favour did the Supreme Court rule vis-a-vis the Singapore arbitration case?
  2. At $2.2bn, Paytm's highly-anticipated IPO would be the largest listing since X ($3.3bn, 2010) and Y ($2.4bn, 2008). Identify X and Y.
  3. Fill in the blank: The proposed merger of Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. (IBREL) with the ________ Group is likely to be completed by the end of this year. It will create one of the largest players in the Indian real estate sector.
  4. If the world was one nation, coffee would be the national drink! The Zona Cafetera region in the X mountains in the country of Y is an important "coffee growing axis" that also a World Heritage Site. Y is one of the three largest coffee-producing nations in the world. Identify X and Y.
  5. Elon Musk has called out India's import duties on cars, which he claims "are the highest in the world by far of any large country". What is the import duty India imposes on cars*? (*With cost, insurance and freight (CIF) value of more than $40,000.)
  6. Arguably, the Pegasus Project has been the biggest news story of the past month. To use Edward Snowden’s words, it may very well become “the story of the year”. What is the name of the Israeli cyberarms company that devised and sells this technology (the Pegasus spyware)
  7. Last month, the RBI barred Mastercard indefinitely from onboarding any new customers for being noncompliant with data localisation rules. Earlier in April, X was similarly restricted from adding new customers. Identify X.
  8. In FY20, tax revenues contributed to more than half of Union Government revenue receipts. With a share of about 30%, which of these was the largest contributor to Union Government tax revenue receipts?
    • Income Tax
    • GST Union
    • Excise Duties
    • Customs Duties
  9. Which of these entities has pledged $1.45bn to buy UK-based Vectura Group, a healthcare company that makes asthma drugs?
    • Bayer, a pharmaceutical company 
    • Blackstone Group, an investment management company 
    • Philip Morris International, a cigarette-making company
    • The NHS, the UK's publicly funded healthcare system
  10. Amidst the deluge of new news stories, it may be easy to forget that we are still in the middle of a raging pandemic! Let's see how updated you are. As of August 13th, what percentage of Indians have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

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