The Investment Knowledge Quiz: Test Your Know-How About Financial Investment, The Stock Market, Mutual Funds and More

Jun 24, 2020 10:58 AM 5 min play

What if money could make more money for you?

Well, investing with a long-term goal in mind can help you achieve just that. And the importance of prudent saving, smart investing and mindful financial planning is being felt now during the current COVID-19 pandemic more so than ever before. 

However, investing is a rather diverse topic. It may include buying stocks, investing in mutual funds, sovereign gold bonds, precious metals or even real estate. 

Wondering where to start? Choosing the right robo advisor may be a good starting point. 

Since stock markets can leave the most seasoned investor baffled, a reliable discount broker to assist you through the jargon and guide you through the investment process would be a great plus. 

But before you get into all that take our weekly quiz to test your investment knowledge. Here's a teaser:

  1. Blue chip stocks are those which.....?
  2. A Junk Bond is a bond which _________.
  3. What is the primary advantage of investing in an Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS)?
  4. What are Dividends?
  5. What is the stock's Beta supposed to denote?


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