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Infosys Writes Off $90m Related To Panaya Acquisition et al

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Apr 14, 2018 11:54 AM 2 min read

End of Day Wrap-up (Saturday / April 14, 2018) #Infosys #CEO #VishalSikka #Mahindra #RelianceJio #US #Forex #Citi #JPM #Transfin

Editor's comment: Infosys writes off $90m on its Panaya acquisition. Proposes sale of Panaya and Skava bought during previous CEO Vishal Sikka’s tenure. Domestic tech giant seeks more digital acquisitions (i.e. AI, automation) in the future. 


Mahindra Group to launch an electric hypercar in collaboration with its Italian engineering & design subsidiary Pininfarina. The Italian sub was originally operated by late Battista Pininfarina who had designed several iconic models for Ferrari and Lamborghini. 


Reliance Jio to raise INR3,250cr via a samurai debt issuance with 7 year bullet maturity, guaranteed by Reliance Industries Limited. This is the largest samurai loan issuance for an Asian corporate.


US Treasury adds India to its watchlist of countries with potentially questionable foreign exchange policies, joining China, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. The report alleged India, with $23bn trade surplus with the United States, "increased its purchases of foreign exchange over the first three quarters of 2017," although the rupee still rose in value.


California toy mogul Isaac Larian submits a $675m bid to acquire 274 Toys R Us stores in the US and another $215m to acquire 82 stores in Canada. The move came 3 weeks after Larian launched a $1bn GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to save stores the bankrupt retailer operates in US and Puerto Rico.


Top 3 US Banks reported significantly higher earnings on the back of lower taxes in Q1, a boost in lending and trading activity backed by market volatality. JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo show profit growth of 35%, 13%, and 5% respectively vs prior year.