Indian Economy and Business Trivia Quiz 2021

May 31, 2021 1:59 PM 5 min play

There's always something or the other happening, isn't it?

Begin your business day with a fantastic round of quiz based on the latest developments in business, finance and economy. 

Don't miss out, for you never know when a little knowledge can be greatly rewarding. 

Quiz away!

But before that, take a peek at what awaits you ahead.

  1.  Which Chinese company's earlier designation as a "Chinese Communist Military" company has been removed by US authorities recently?

  2. Which Indian state bagged the largest chunk of the FDI this fiscal year?

  3. Pharmeasy acquired X, another rival in the Pharma sector, to become India's largest e-pharma company. Name X.

  4. Which American billionaire entrepreneur has recently invested in the Indian cryptocurrency startup, Polygon

  5. Carlos Ghosn, the former CEO of Renault and Nissan, made headlines in December 2019 by fleeing Japan in a concert-gear box to escape trial for a number of financial crimes. He recently agreed to meet French investigators who plan on questioning him. Which country did he flee to?

  6. Which auto company recently changed its name in India by dropping the "Motors" from its brand name?

  7. In 2012, Amazon had refused to publish an ad for the Bond movie Skyfall on its site because of what reason?

  8. Which bank launched India's first mobile ATM

  9. Pick out the pair with incorrectly matched facts.

  10. Iran ditched India and joined which other country as partner in the Farzad-B gas field contract?

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