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India Business Quiz 2020 - Biggest Business and Financial Events of the Year

Dec 24, 2020 5:40 PM 5 min play

2020 may have experienced major setbacks in the pace of progress. But that didn't deter our business and finances from operating with steadfast resolve. 

We saw some major developments in the markets, enterprises, business events and takeovers this year. 

Let's see how much you know about these remarkable developments which earned a reputation for being hallmark events despite their occurrence in a year of immense global economic downturn.

Quiz away! 

Here's a little preview of what awaits you.

  1. Which are the Top Five IPOs of India by issue size?
  2. Which firm led the largest inflow of PE investments into its account in the order of $15.34bn?
  3. Which global rank did Vodafone Idea achieve in 2020, in terms of the size of mobile telecom service operation?
  4. Which was the biggest Indian business deal of 2020?
  5. Which of the following is least likely to be identified as bidder for Air India?
  6. According to a recent study, which company has emerged as the biggest wealth creator in India over the last 25 years?
  7. What was the largest single day drop in Sensex throughout 2020?
  8. What brought around the recovery of Nifty50 worst performer of 2020?
  9. Who became the Top Five companies in India by market capitalisation?
  10. India's retail inflation reached 7.61 in October 2020, the highest in how many years?


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