India Business and Corporate Quiz 2020: Business Trivia Questions on the World's Largest Companies

Aug 26, 2020 10:52 AM 5 min play

Yet another week. And we're back with yet another Quiz Knock on the world's biggest companies and some path-breaking ideas.

What was the Billion-Dollar idea behind a company? How did it come into existence? What was it called? The struggle to stay relevant, the pivot and much more. 

This week we have an eclectic mix of questions from the world of automobile, electronics, cosmetics, breweries and more, as we touch upon some of most captivating facts about the most commonly used brands such as Yahoo, Sony, BMW, Nokia et al. 


Here's a look at what awaits you:

1) Yahoo is a backronym for ___________.

2) Which of the following is not a part of the Volkswagen Group?

  1. Audi
  2. Bentley
  3. Bugatti
  4. Lamborghini
  5. Škoda
  6. Porsche
  7. Lexus

3) What was Sony's first consumer product?

4) Which of the following was started in 1952 as a 100% subsidiary of the Tata Oil Mills Company, supposedly to address PM Nehru's concern regarding women spending too much foreign exchange to purchase imported beauty products?

  1. Lakme
  2. Kama Ayurveda
  3. Jovees
  4. Colorbar

5) Which of the following is NOT TRUE?

  1. Coca-Cola transferred its secret formula to a permanent exhibit titled The Vault of the Secret Formula at the World of Coca-Cola in 2011, after having stored it at the SunTrust Bank in Atlanta for over 86 years.
  2. Nokia started its journey as a wood mill in the Nokia city of Finland. The brand then entered into the rubber products segment.
  3. Google hired a camel called 'Raffia' in 2014 to create a street view of the Liwa desert in UAE.
  4. Amazon was initially called "All You Need", but was changed soon for brevity.

6) _________ was established way back in February 1942 when (during World War II and the Quit India Movement) - a temporary ban on paint imports left only foreign companies and Shalimar Paints in the market. _________took up the market and reported annual turnover of ₹23cr ($3m) in 1952 but with only 2% PBT margin. By 1967, it became the leading paint manufacturer in the country.

7) Which company was set up as a brewery in Kasauli by an Englishman named Edward Dyer, from where he launched the Lion brand of beer? Over the following decades, the company went on to set up breweries and distilleries in Shimla, Solan, Lucknow, and even Mandalay (now Myanmar). It later merged with another British-run brewery, Meakin & Co, and focused its brewing operations in Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

8) Tales of humble beginnings...

Which electronics giant started off as a small trading company in 1938 that traded in dried-fish, locally grown groceries, and noodles?"

9) Here's another one.

Which automaker started off as an aircraft manufacturing compan? Following Germany's defeat in WWI, all airplane manufacturing companies had to cease production, one of the many terms of the Versailles Armistice Treaty. Staring at bankruptcy, this company shifted to motorcycle production, soon followed by the manufacture of cars in 1928.

10) Carlsberg Group used the _______ as a logo from the 19th century until the middle of the 1930s, when it was discontinued.


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