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How the Pandemic Has Redefined Workplace Operation Models with Manoj Kalra of DSM

Apr 29, 2021 7:02 AM 1 min read

With the Coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of retreat anytime soon, businesses in India and around the world are being led to reinvent the ways they conduct themselves.

With that in mind, we speak to our guest, Mr. Manoj Kalra, Senior Vice President and Head of Group Business Services of DSM, a global science-based company with focus on nutrition, health and sustainable living.

We discuss matters related to the ongoing changes in the mode of global businesses operations. He throws insight into the evolution and adaptation of technology, automation, best HR practices and management of day-to-day operations that helps sustain business growth. We delve into questions on how the work-from-home modelled jobs may reconstruct the ways we think of office establishments and how we ought to normalise remote professional dealings. 

Listen in for a fascinating conversation!


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