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How Robots Are Being Used In The Fight Against Coronavirus

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Apr 8, 2020 5:07 AM 2 min read

Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month, on March 22nd, urged all Indian citizens to observe Janata Curfew - a day of lockdown from 7am to 9pm to help break the chain of the coronavirus spread in the country.


And as part of this lockdown, he also encouraged citizens to thank people working in the healthcare sector, security forces and other essential services by clapping and ringing bells.


The nation came together to applaud our unsung heroes.


Doctors, nurses, security professional…the list of unsung heroes was missing a name…Robots.


All over the world, hundreds of engineers, scientists and software developers are working to build an army of robots that can prevent the spread of coronavirus.


In fact, many of these robots are already being used to conduct preliminary sterilisation of an environment or room before it is cleaned by a human. 


For instance, an autonomous robot has been patrolling and cleaning terminals at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport since the start of the year.


Some of them are also fitted with thermal cameras to detect if someone is running a fever. Some of these robots also have object-recognition algorithms that allow them to determine whether a person is wearing a mask. At hospitals, these robots can be seen navigating the halls, reminding people to wear masks and flagging people who might be sick.


Back home, the Kerala Startup Mission has deployed a pair of robots in the fight against the virus. One of these distributes masks, sanitiser and napkins in a start-up complex in Kochi, while the other screens details about the World Health Organisation's campaign to contain the disease.


An unconventional battle has been waged against an unconventional invader.


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