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How is India Handling the Coronavirus Pandemic with Dr Arun K Chopra from Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar

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May 1, 2020 6:03 PM 1 min read


We spend some valuable time with Dr Arun K Chopra, a Senior Cardiologist at Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar, who is part of his hospital's Covid 19 response team, to understand India's strategy behind its handling and response against the Coronavirus pandemic, starting from the stringent lock down to the rationale behind targeted testing.


 Dr Chopra gives a medical perspective to the disease and its mechanics (e.g. Did you know about "nasal shedding" which allows an infected person to continue transmitting even after recovery?), along with thoughts on the immediate challenges facing our country, be it the role of testing to determine an exit strategy or lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for front line health care workers. He also shares some handy tips on how to manage one's health during this lock down, both from the perspective of diet and exercise. 


A regular health & fitness commentator, here are some of his articles which he points towards during this podcast: 


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