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Personal Training Apps Are Becoming Popular - But Do They Work?

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Jan 6, 2020 5:54 AM 2 min read

First they came for your shopping mall, then your cinema hall, and now your gym.


Go Hard or Go Phone: The Digital Revolution has made life available online. Fitness is no exception.


Those of us who hit the gym or exercise regularly would be acquainted with the rise of fitness apps. These promise  to put a "personal trainer in your ear". As with other online variants of offline services - like financial advisory or ecommerce - these fitness apps have the same pitch: ease of accessibility and affordability.


Personal Training Apps Are Becoming Popular - But Do They Work?


Personal training apps offer you training guidance on everything from jogging to strength training to yoga. They can function with machine learning, image recognition and motion sensors, using your smartphone's front and back cameras to correct your form while you work out and pushing you beyond your limits. They can communicate with you via a chat box or by speaking into your earphones.


App-etite for the Gym: All of that sounds trendy and chic, but do these workout out? The answer to that question is: we still don't know. These apps are a recent phenomenon, therefore there haven't been comprehensive studies on them to prove that they do/don't work.


So in the meantime, the choice is ours. Some of us might be peeved by human personal trainers, who can charge thousands of rupees per session. Others might prefer personal trainers, finding apps less disciplinary or not as motivational. It's a matter of personal taste. Go where your muscles lead you!


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