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Goodreads For The Smart Investor: How To Become Rich, Blockchain Technology, Career Counseling et al.

Principal consultant with 20 years experience in financial industry
Mar 23, 2018 12:33 PM 3 min read

Editor's comment: This is part of an ongoing series where Ravichand from Stock and Ladder curates reads which may help you in making smart investment and entrepreneurial decisions.




Buffett and Munger on How They Read Annual Reports (Gurufocus)


What do business magnates Warren Buffett and Charles Munger look for in an annual report or a proxy statement? How do these documents influence their investment strategy? Read more...

Goodreads For Investors: Career Counselling, Blockchain Technology et al.


If You Are So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich? (MIT)


The most successful people are not the most talented, just the luckiest, a new computer model of wealth creation confirms. Taking that into account can maximize returns on many kinds of investments. Read more...


Blockchain is Dangerous (Bloomberg)


Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin is at some level just a set of rules defined by software, that has become one of the world’s weirdest games. And people who invest in an unmanageable abstraction, then panic when it underperforms, are very entertaining. Read more...


Interview With Jack Welch (Freakonomics)


Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric says, “I think a C.E.O. must set a mission, a direction, work with a strong team with the characteristics I talked about, put it together — and candor carries the day. In the end, a successful business develops an atmosphere of truth and trust. And unless you get truth out there, you can’t act fast, people don’t know where they stand. It’s a sin that people come to work not knowing where they stand. Everybody who works for you must know where they stand, what their boss thinks about them, what the company thinks about them. This idea of false kindness is pure nonsense, pure nonsense.” Read more...


Last days of Tilson’s Kase Capital (Institutional Investor's Alpha)


Whitney Tilson, an American investor, author, and philanthropist turns the failure of his hedge fund into a teachable moment. Read more...


New Example But Same Old Lesson (Muthu)


Two common mistakes mutual fund investors are prone to commit. Read more...


Wall Street Looks Overvalued (Buttonwood)

 Wall Street Bull

Few measures of stockmarket valuation are as controversial as the cyclically adjusted price-earnings ratio, or CAPE. American equities have looked expensive on this measure for most of the past 20 years, which is why many bulls tend to dismiss its usefulness. It is pretty clear that the CAPE does not help investors to time the market. But here’s how CAPE crusaders defend their favourite measure. Read more...


Offbeat Stuff


"If you only read that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking” 

- Haruki Murakami


Accidental Career Guidance (Ben Carlson)


Follow your passion but take the safe route but remember that you’re lucky to even have a job. Read more...


The Facebook Brand (Stratechery)


Here’s an attempt to analyze the Tech giant.


Are We Prepared For A Looming Epidemic Threat (Guardian)


“We know how to stop the next epidemic. This is no excuse for unpreparedness. If we are to save ourselves and our children we must act decisively. The threat is real. The pathway is known. The time for action is now.” Read more...


Originally Published in Stock and Ladder