From Suez Canal to Solar Power - Business Trivia Quiz 2021

Apr 3, 2021 11:47 AM 3 min play

Get the wheels of business running and the growth story sung... For the events calendar of the year 2021 has already begun!

In a world where a global pandemic is the reality and growth cycles are built unconventionally, 2021 has managed to keep up with the pace of big business events, mega acquisition stories and the IPO launches running in large numbers. 

Take a quiz on these latest events that have impacted the world of business and global economy in a major way.


But here, take a gander at what questions to expect ahead!

  1. Which was the first in the real estate sector to launch its IPO back in 2007?
  2. Which TikTok-like app in India recently brought in Salman Khan as a lead investor and its global brand ambassador?
  3. Which popular digital payments services app was recently probed by the RBI after alleged reports of data breach surfaced against it?
  4. Following the sacking of the central bank's governor, which currency saw a sharp downswing resulting in the latest currency collapse?
  5. Which of the following institutions wasn't part of the coalition of investors which approved a ₹3,000cr ($409m)-project that is to be the WORLD'S largest floating solar power plant with 600 MW capacity on the Narmada river?
  6. Approximately what percentage of the global trade volume passes through the Suez Canal annually?
  7. Which US-based hedge fund recently disrupted the stock markets by defaulting on its margin call payments to a number of Wall Street banks? 
  8. An industry body representing members like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon etc., is attempting to block which company's entry into the Indian internet markets?
  9. Name the bank and the payment services app which have tied up to enable easier issuance of FASTags for faster electronic payments at toll plazas.
  10. Name India's first private company to reach unicorn status that is planning to list itself in Nasdaq soon.

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