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Cult.Fit Goes Online with How the Fitness Industry is Promoting Workout From Home During the Pandemic

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Apr 14, 2020 7:46 AM 2 min read

A slowing economy hit by a deadly pandemic with no cure in sight is a lethal combination.


The COVID-19 outbreak has severely fractured multiple economies. Stock markets have witnessed a bloodbath. Aviation, tourism, hospitality and retail sectors have been massively hit, anticipating millions of job losses in the near future. Ecommerce too, other than groceries and essential services, has taken a hit.


However, amidst this chaos, there are some industries that have managed to remain afloat. One example is the fitness industry.


Fitness Moving Online as Workout From Home Picks Up


As nations across the globe go into lockdown to break the chain of infection, people are forced to stay at home and work from home. And with gyms and fitness centers shut, increasing number of people are turning to fitness apps and workout-at-home videos to stay in shape.


The entire fitness industry, in a matter of days, has gone virtual, trying to recreate that sense of a community online - live stories on Instagram, FaceTime, Zoom and more.


Cult.Fit Goes Online with How the Fitness Industry is Promoting Workout From Home During the Pandemic


In India, the popular platform for food, fitness and meditation Curefit has announced the launch of, which offers live classes across different fitness formats like strength, cardio, HRX, S&C and yoga. The Live classes also help users compete with fellow attendees and friends and stay motivated, thus giving a complete experience-led class.


Interestingly, as per this report by The Economist, average daily views of videos including “with me” in the title on YouTube has increased by 600% since March 15th vs rest of the year.


Likewise, Google searches including keywords such as home workout and kettlebell have seen a massive surge.


While virtual training and classes may be a stop gap for some, it may be the way to go for some others in this tech-driven world.


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