Transfin. CircleTransfin.Circle

The What?

Transfin.Circle (TFC) is our Members-only programme.

TFC Members are those committed to living life the smart way...craving context, nuance, and rationality from their daily information diet.

They're our ultimate brand ambassadors...who intensely back our spirit of... All Signal & No Noise.

What Would I Do as a TFC Member?

  • Spread the word on Transfin. in your family, college, professional network, and/or local community.
  • Use your personal referral link that earns you credit for signing people up.
  • Share your feedback and brainstorm with Team Transfin. to...make it your own. Make it better.
  • Engage with rest of TFC to interact with experts, discover...interests, and explore professional...synergies.

Living the smart way isn't something ready-made. It must be sought by staying open and curious. And once you have it, you must empower others.

Why Should I Join?

TFC folks encourage us when we go right and put us in check when we waiver.

Sometimes they give us a shout just to say, "I feel you" and that means a lot!

It's only natural for us to consider them as special.

So, join in to get a unique and exclusive access to Transfin. Aside from being in great company, you'll get:

  • Sneak Peeks and Early Bird Access
  • Exclusive Content and Features
  • Invites to Private Events & Networks
  • Killer TFC Merchandise
  • Exclusive Offers from Partner Brands
  • Priority access to Internship and Job Opps at Transfin.

How Do I Start?

Use your personal referral link to subscribe 10 people (= 10 credits) on Transfin.'s Emails to unlock Membership.


So, what are you waiting for?

Email us at for more info, any questions, or suggestions.

Also, know someone who should join TFC? Email us to nominate them.


Is Membership to TFC Free?

Use your personal referral link to subscribe 10 people on Transfin.'s Emails and you are in. Hence, at least "money-wise" its free!

How Do I Earn Credits?

You can earn credits by referring people to subscribe on Transfin.'s Emails. 1 Referral = 1 Credit.

Why Did My Referral Not Count?

You can earn credits by referring only real people to Transfin.'s Emails. That means the person being referred should have a valid email address (no typos) and should not be an existing subscriber.

Can I Use These Credits to Purchase Something?

We'll keep you posted on this one but hopefully soon alt-img you'd be able to unlock via your Credits exclusive buying opportunities & offers (all thanks to our classy Partner brands).