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SpaceX Officially Enters Space Tourism Business

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Feb 27, 2020 6:03 AM 1 min read

SpaceX has officially entered the space tourism business.  



Tesla Model 3 teardown finds its electronics six years ahead of Toyota and VW.

2025 Vision

According to a Tesla Model 3 teardown ordered by the Nikkei Business Publication, Tesla is six years ahead of Toyota and VW when it comes to electronics.


“What stands out most is Tesla’s integrated central control unit, or ‘full self-driving computer’. Also known as Hardware 3, this little piece of tech is the company’s biggest weapon in the burgeoning EV market. It could end the auto industry supply chain as we know it...This kind of electronic platform, with a powerful computer at its core, holds the key to handling heavy data loads in tomorrow’s smarter, more autonomous cars. Industry insiders expect such technology to take hold around 2025 at the earliest.” [Nikkei Asian Review]


SpaceX officially enters the space tourism business. 

The Sky is the Limit

SpaceX has officially entered the space tourism business. The private spacecraft company has struck a deal with Space Adventures to begin offering tourist flights on its first Crew Dragon flight. Up to four people will have the chance to go on the first ever private spaceflight, which is expected to take place sometime around late 2021. [Fortune]


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