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Cracking FinTech, Credit and Digital Transformations with Avinash Godkhindi of Zaggle

Co-Founder & Head of Business, Transfin.
Sep 29, 2020 4:29 PM 1 min read


Avinash Godkhindi comes from an interesting vantage point overlooking both traditional Finance and modern Technologies. 

The former probably got ingrained during his stint heading product for Citi's PremierMiles credit cards. The latter most definitely came from his present tenure as CEO of Zaggle, a B2B fintech company digitising spends.

We started with a conversation on the evolution of his business, but quickly segued into a wider chat on the contemporary evolution and challenges within fintech.

From mis-aligned perceptions of Venture Capitalists to what makes spends, payments and credit super interesting in digital India...hope you enjoy the banter. 


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