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Bytedance to Roll-Out Music Service in India Next Month, TikTok Seeks to Re-Brand Itself

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Nov 20, 2019 12:55 PM 2 min read

TikTok owner to launch music streaming service in India next month. TikTok seeks to re-brand itself amidst rising scrutiny.



ByteDance to roll-out music service in India next month.

Let the Music Play: TikTok owner ByteDance is gearing up to roll-out its own subscription-based music service in India next month to take on the likes of Apple Music and Spotify. 


As per reports, ByteDance is trying to get licensing deals from Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music.


ByteDance is said to differ its service from others with the help of short video clips. These clips can be shared with other users in order to create more viral videos in the communities. The video can also be used to find music on the app's library. India Today 

TikTok seeks to re-brand itself amidst rising scrutiny.

Sorry, Do I Know You?: Video-sharing platform TikTok this year made history as China’s first social-media company to make it big in the US. However now it is seeking to rebrand itself and shed its label as a Chinese brand as it faces increasing scrutiny from US lawmakers and regulators. This includes expanding operations in Southeast Asia, possibly Singapore - which would allow executives to distance the video-sharing app from China - and rebranding it in the US.


Meanwhile, TikTok has reduced the amount of content from China that appears on the app, hoping to minimize reminders of its Chinese roots to American users. 


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