Business Trivia Quiz - Current Events in the Business World

Mar 19, 2021 4:55 PM 5 min play

The beginning of 2021 has already witnessed 12 IPOs in the Indian markets so far!

That's surely a good start! There is so much going on. So many events, product launches, stock issues, buybacks, crypto transactions and even divestments knocking about the doors of prominent companies.

Let's see how updated you are with these events and how well you know these companies that have capitalised over our markets for so long.

Quiz away to find out.

Here's a little preview of what lies ahead. Good luck!

  1. Name the Portuguese origin company acquired by Vedanta in 2007 with the intent to cement its position in the mining industry. 
  2. Which was the first crypto-assets trading and blockchain company in India?
  3. Which of the following are FORMER Tata Group companies/subsidiaries?
  4. Which of the following is NOT an acquisition made by Zomato?
  5. Which was the first in-house brand launched by Amazon?
  6. Which of the following statements is FALSE about the India's telecom sector?
  7. Which Indian pharmaceutical company has recently agreed to sell Russia's Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine?
  8. Which two iconic fashion brands have begun creating and trading NFTs?
  9. Can you name the three initial investors who joined hands in the 1920s to form erstwhile BPCL?
  10. Which leading air-conditioning brand "strategically re-positioned" itself with the aim to capture 15% of India's AC market by 2024?

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