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Business Quiz: Who is WeWork's New CEO, Which City Has the Worst Traffic, Who Joined Facebook's Board of Directors?

Feb 5, 2020 6:54 AM 3 min play

There's never a dull week in the world of Business and Finance, so it's always the right time to take a Business Quiz!


Union Budget 2020 Season just ended, so we have a lot to delve into. Moreover, the coronavirus outbreak has put large swathes of China under lockdown, and this is having ramifications on the global economy. Reliance Industries and Forever 21 made "deal"-breaking announcements while WeWork and Facebook made some major appointments.


Are you up-to-speed with the major events of the past week? Take the latest Quiz Knock to prove yourself!


Here's what's awaiting you:

1)    “It will take at least a year," Finance Secretary Rajiv Kumar told reporters. “There are too many processes such as finding out the valuation, (looking at) SEBI regulations etc. We will start work with DIPAM on this." What was Kumar talking about?

2)    Which company recently announced a new project to use plastics in road construction?

3)    Which river makes up National Waterway 1, the longest waterway in India?

4)    "If I weren't a minister today, I would be bidding for X." This statement was made by Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal recently. Identify X.

5)    Which company's CEO was recently appointed to Facebook's Board of Directors?

6)    The coronavirus outbreak in China has spilled over to other countries and its death toll is increasing and its economic ramifications are becoming more and more adverse. Where did this coronavirus outbreak originate?

7)    Who did WeWork name as its new CEO?

8)    Which retail chain has reached an agreement to be sold to a group that includes mall owners Simon Property Group and Brookfield Property Partners in an $81m deal?

9)    Which is the worst city on Earth when it comes to traffic congestion? (According to leading navigation company TomTom's Annual Traffic Index.)

10)    Which was the first full-length animated movie in Technicolour?


How well do you know the top news of the last week? Have a go at our TheWeekThatWas Quiz and test your wits.