Business Quiz: Which Indian Telco Launched UPI Payments Facility, Which Companies Reached $1trn Valuation, What's the Price of Pandas?

Jan 22, 2020 9:25 AM 3 min play

We're barely four weeks into 2020 and it already seems like we've seen a year's worth of news! From several Q3 results to more commentary on the state of the Indian economy as Budget 2020 nears, there's been a lot to keep up with. How well do you know the past week's developments? Test yourself in this week's Quiz Knock!


Here's what awaits you:

1)    Which bank recently introduced a new way of ATM cash withdrawal, wherein customers could withdraw cash without a card, by entering a PIN on their mobile phones?

2)    Which company became the first Indian telco to announce a UPI payments platform?

3)    India’s foreign exchange reserves stood at $461.21bn in the week to January 10th. This is:

4)    Which of these statements is true regarding the Q3 results of TCS and RIL?

5)    X, the former Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, in a blogpost, has warned that India's financial health is "much worse than what has been portrayed". Identify X.

6)    ICICI Bank has filed a civil suit against former Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) _____.

7)    Google's parent company Alphabet has become the fourth company to reach $1trn in valuation. Which of these companies is NOT a member of the trillion dollar club (as of January 22nd)?

8)    Goldman Sachs has reported a drop in Q4 profits as it prepares to pay hefty billion-dollar fines for its role in the 1MDB scandal. The 1MDB scandal involved the government investment fund of which Southeast Asian country, which Goldman Sachs advised?

9)    Which European city did The Wall Street Journal recently label as a "cycling mecca" for its pleasant weather, pristine roadways, quiet atmosphere, people, food and culture, which are perfect for cycling aficionados?

10)    What's the price of loaning a pair of pandas from China for a year?


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