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Boeing to Suspend 737 MAX Production in January

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Dec 17, 2019 11:57 AM 2 min read

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing to suspend 737 MAX production in January. 



Boeing to suspend 737 MAX production in January.

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has said that it will suspend production of its 737 MAX jetliner.


Boeing’s 737 MAX, which is made in Seattle, was grounded worldwide in March following two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia within five months, which claimed 346 lives.


With no timeline for the plane's return in place, the production freeze by one of the largest US exporters is expected to impact suppliers, airlines and financiers across the globe, as well as the US economy. NYT

Amazon blocks its third-party sellers from using FedEx’s ground delivery network for Prime shipments.

Fed No More: Amazon is blocking its third-party sellers from using FedEx's ground delivery network for Prime shipments, citing a decline in performance as the ecommerce giant heads into the final stretch of the holiday shopping season.


The ban on using FedEx’s Ground and Home services starts this week and will last “until the delivery performance of these ship methods improves,” according to an email Amazon sent Sunday to merchants.


Here, it is rather interesting to note that the emergence of Amazon as a delivery behemoth is already shaking the $900bn US logistics sector. Amazon Logistics – founded in late 2014 – is already shipping over 2.5bn packages annually in the country. As of August 2019, Amazon has delivered 46% of US packages bought on its e-commerce platform through its internal delivery arm. WSJ


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