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Boeing Ousts Dennis Muilenburg and Names David Calhoun as CEO as it Deals with 737 MAX Fallout

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Dec 24, 2019 11:12 AM 1 min read

Boeing ousts Dennis Muilenburg  and names David Calhoun as CEO as it deals with 737 MAX fallout.



Boeing ousts Dennis Muilenburg as CEO as it deals with 737 MAX fallout.

Adios: Boeing has ousted Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg and replaced him with David Calhoun as CEO. The leadership shake-up comes at a time when the aerospace giant is struggling with the crisis caused by two fatal crashes of its 737 MAX jetliner and disagreements with regulators over returning the grounded planed to service. WSJ


How We Got Here: The 737 Mx was supposed to save money and help Boeing compete with Airbus. Instead, it killed hundreds of people, wasted billions of dollars, angered airlines and regulators, and cost Dennis Muilenburg his job. Here's how Boeing and Muilenburg got here.


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