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Future of Online Education in India: Splash Math and Beyond (Podcast)

Founder and CEO, Transfin.
Jan 21, 2020 9:33 AM 1 min read


We're joined by Umang Jain, Co-Founder of StudyPad (makers of Splash Math, now Splash Learn), a company of "hard-working and slightly nerdy people who are passionate to change the way an entire generation of kids learn". Umang reflects on the future of Indian online education and technology ecosystem with its homegrown challenges, differentiates between Education-led and Entertainment with a "dash of education" models, and shares his philosophy on the role of wider stakeholders, be it schools, teachers, and parents in refining how we see and perceive Learning as a whole.


Starting his journey as an EdTech entrepreneur almost a decade back, and having scaled up SplashLearn from being a Math-focused learning product for kids in the US, to expansion in foreign geographies, new subject matter and broader age groups, Umang has had a front row seat of how technology is and can transform the world of Education and Pedagogy. 


All in all a super interesting chat to understand the Education value chain, the growth levers at play, and the innovations which future EdTech entrepreneurs should watch out for. 



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