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Transfin. Podcast E35: Secrecy First, Immersive Power, Offline Works

Professor of Financial Economics and Part-time Value Investor, Transfin.
Jun 4, 2019 5:41 AM 2 min read



We sip Coffee with Shreya Soni, CEO & Founder of Delhi Secret Supper Club (DSSC) - India’s first-of-its-kind platform with a vision to enable "like-minded people to get together without an agenda". More than 6 years since inception, DSSC is now a leading curator of immersive experiences for the country’s most exclusive member base.  

A former London-based Consultant, Shreya walks us through her journey as an Incognito (yes!) CEO and shares how Secrecy, even for herself, created the very hook and moat differentiating DSSC. Her thoughts on the value of curated discovery, the changing ebbs and flows of online/offline marketing, and her admirable forbearance for food and water allergies makes for a mighty interesting chat!

The Agenda: 


Deploying Secrecy in Business

Our usual discussions on business acquire a different dimension in this episode, with Shreya bringing to the table a new approach – that of business executed in secrecy. We talk in detail about how she maintained the mystery surrounding the club with her innovative use of email (and even voice diffusers!), and its challenges and benefits.

From Experiences to Experiential Marketing

We move on to talk about how the company organically expanded from just curating experiences to experiential marketing and creative services. Shreya tells us all about what kind of work the company does for different clients, while going into detail about its marketing model and its approach for the online versus the offline.

The Return of Offline (and Authentic Regional Cuisine)

After the sudden explosion of the online world and social media a few years ago, people are now moving back to the offline world of privacy, and are more conscious than ever before about what they consume online.

The topic of online and offline marketing naturally leads us to this discussion, with Shreya telling us how the offline world offers a kind of intimate approach to marketing that one can never find over the internet, making her prefer the former over the latter.

Lastly, we touch upon the growing popularity of authentic regional cuisine and the idea of returning to our roots by embracing what we’re known for. Oh, and also how parental pressure and food are the factors that drive her business! :)


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